Natural Relief for Heartburn

If you regularly experience heartburn it causes a great deal of discomfort which can have lasting negative effects. Luckily there ways to naturally address it acutely and prevent future reoccurrence.

Homeopathic Cell Salts- Gently add minerals to the body to address deficiency, bringing the body into balance and reducing symptoms.
Homeopathic Natrum Phos 6x can be used acutely or taken regularly to help prevent heartburn in someone who regularly experiences it. This person feels very acidic with a burning feeling in the chest, throat or abdomen. They may get a flushed face during the indigestion. They may have an aggravation after milk, ice cream, fatty food, vinegar or sour foods, sugar or from drinking cold drinks. To use this take 4 tablets 2-3 times daily to prevent reoccurrence or take 4 tabs as needed for acute heartburn. For chronic heartburn take for up to one month then take a break and see if symptoms return to see if you still need to take it. If you want to try something and aren’t sure what is best, this is a great place to start.

If Nat Phos on its own doesn’t help some need to add the Cell Salt Natrum Sulphuricum 6x, this remedy can be alternated or taken with Nat phos.

If you find a remedy below that matches your symptoms, if you rarely get heartburn and are in a flare-up you could try it acutely for up to 3 doses 15-30 minutes apart (usually 1 pellet). If you regularly have heartburn and were wanting to work on prevention the remedy could be tried 3 times spread through the day for a few days. Stop dosing with improvement resume dosing if symptoms return. If there is no change after taking the remedy for a few days select the next best matching remedy.

Homeopathic Arsenicum Album– Burning pains in the esophagus  and stomach with regurgitation in a restless and anxious person. Worse from eating fruit, cold food or drinking cold drinks. Better from sipping room temperature drinks or warm tea. Often an aggravation between midnight – 2 am.

Homeopathic Carbo vegetabilis is used when there is heartburnplus bloating, belching and gas. They feel better from belching. There is burning pain from the stomach to the back. This person is worse from warmth and feels better fanning themselves.

Homeopathic Lycopodium is also helpful when there is gas, bloating and sour belching. Water brash in the afternoon (acid from stomach rises into mouth). They feel worse around 4-8 pm. They feel worse from beans, onions, garlic, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables. They tend to have a ravenous appetite but oddly they may feel full after only a few bites. There may be rumbling in the abdomen.

Homeopathic Nux vomica can help address acute heartburn, GERD or water brash. Wants to burp but can’t. Feeling of spasm in esophagus. Foruse for symptoms after overindulgence. Aggravation from sour foods, fatty/ rich food, coffee, tobacco, stimulants and worse after anger. This person tends to be irritable, impatient, competitive, Type “A” personality. This person may also experience insomnia, constipation or hemorrhoids.

Homeopathic Phosphorous is helpful for regurgitation and belching accompanied by a sense of fullness, burning pains in the abdomen, bloating. This person has a very strong appetite and is very thirsty for cold drinks. This person is open, mild mannered, tends to be anxious, loves affection and company.

Homeopathic Pulsatilla tends to be a mild, emotional, affectionate person who cries easily. They may have an aggravation after rich fatty food, ice cream and pork. They tend to have slow digestion, may have rancid burps that taste like food. Burning feeling in the stomach with fullness after meals. This remedy is especially good for indigestion in young children especially girls. They tend to have a lack of thirst.

Homeopathic Robinia is used for a strong feeling of burning through the whole digestive tract. The heartburn is worse in bed or at night. There may be acrid belches and water brash. Also helpful for GERD and hiatal hernia.

Homeopathic Sanguinaria is also used for acrid belching, burning in the nose, uvula, mouth, throat and esophagus. Feeling of swelling in the throat. Also used for GERD, reflux and esophagitis. This is also a remedy for bursitis, shoulder pain and right side migraines and hay fever.

Homeopathic Sulphur is useful after overindulgence, burning pain in the esophagus and stomach, belches with an offensive taste. This person may be be lazy, philosophical, out-going, opinionated, critical or tend to get skin issues.

Natural remedies for Heartburn

2 tsp- 1 Tbl apple cider vinegar in 1/2 – 1 cup water, 10 minutes before meals. Helps your body to make more stomach acid which helps to keep the esophageal flap closed and digest your food more effectively. Don’t do this if you currently have damage to the esophagus or currently have a raw, inflamed throat/ esophagus. Can also be bought in pill form.

Digestive bitters- Take 10 minutes before meals to stimulate stomach acid to help digestion and esophageal flap closure.

Betaine HCL tablets help if you have low stomach acid and the above doesn’t help. Don’t use these if you have a hiatal hernia.  Read about other contraindications. Follow label directions.

Other soothing options include-
Throat coat tea or Aloe drinks for use if your throat feels raw.

DGL tablets used regularly heal the gastrointestinal lining, ulcers, and kill unwanted viruses, bacteria and parasites. They are chewed 30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after meals 6-8 times per day. Check for drug interactions if you are on meds.

Disclaimer- This information is for educational purposes, if you should decide to try a remedy this is your decision. Do research to make sure there are no contraindications. Seek medical advice when necessary.


Natural Medicine Cabinet

It is empowering to know that with a few natural supports in your medicine cabinet you can stop illness in its tracks. Building your natural medicine cabinet is an investment but will reduce visits to the doctor, missed days of work and school. With a supply of supplements, homeopathic remedies and essential oils you can be ready to take charge of your own and your families health.

Having a few key items on hand avoids the need to run out when illness hits. Try to identify when you are coming down with something and act before things turn into a full blown illness. Children may need products that are formulated for them with lower dosages. Keep your supplies together in a drawer, cabinet or a shoebox for easy access. You do not need all these items these are just some of the available options. For example if you were fighting a cold you may want to choose a few  infection fighter and immune supports and a homeopathic.

Options for your Natural Medicine Cabinet- Select a few to items that suit your needs.

  • Fighting Infection- Allicin Garlic Capsules, Olive Leaf Capsule, Selenium, Zinc, Sovereign Silver, Grapefruit seed extract.
  • Immune support, anti-oxidant- Vitamin C with bioflavonoids.
  • Immune support- Goldenseal, Echinacea, Andrographis, Astragalus, Airborne, Sambucus Syrup, Olive Leaf Capsules, Mushrooms (like host defense), Immune Formula (like Source Naturals Wellness Formula.
  • Vitamin D3 – Immune support, bone health.
  • Magnesium (investigate the right form for you)- anxiety, constipation, respiratory support, sleep support.
  • Bach flower Rescue Remedy- anxiety, panic.
  • Lysine- cold sores, herpes, canker sore.
  • Probiotics- immune and digestive support.
  • Garlic Mullien Ear Oil- for ear pain and infection.
  • Electrolyte Beverage or Coconut water
  • Crystalized ginger, Ginger tea or ginger capsules- nausea and digestive distress
  • Zinc lozenges- fighting colds and sore throats.
  • D-Mannose (with Cranberry or without cranberry)- for those needing urinary system support or for UTI intervention
  • Neti pot and sea salt (or saline nasal  spray) for sinus inflammation and allergies. Gargle with sea salt in water for sore throats.
  • Curcurmin capsules (Tumeric Extract)- pain relief, anti-inflammatory.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids- anti-inflammatory, musculoskeletal pain relief, eye and heart health.
  • Throat coat tea for coughs and sore throats.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar- heartburn, toe and skin fungus.
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- Oil pulling, healthy fat, anti bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, moisturizer.
  • Aloe Vera Gel- skin irritation, burns, sunburn.
  • Ice pack (can even be a bag of peas or alcohol and water frozen in a ziplock).
  • Heat for injuries (can be a sock of rice you microwave, hot water bottle, heating pad (can antidote homeopathy)

Essential oils- Essential oils work through inhalation, topical application and in some cases ingestion. Some require dilution in a carrier, especially for people with sensitive skin. Do your research about the indications for the oils, what application method is best and how to dilute (olive oil, fractionated coconut oil or jojoba are good carriers). There are many other oils available, this is a list of top selling versatile oils.

  • Lavender- Anxiety, sleep support, antimicrobial.
  • Tea Tree Oil- Antimicrobial, skin issues (can antidote homeopathics).
  • Oregano Oil- antimicrobial, fighting colds and viruses.
  • Immune support blend (may antidote homeopathics).
  • Digestive support blend.
  • Peppermint- headache, digestive complaints (may antidote homeopathics).
  • Eucalyptus- coughs  (my antidote homeopathics).

Homeopathic Ointments-

  • Arnica Gel- sore muscles, back pain, bruises, pain.
  • Calendula Gel or Cream- a natural antibiotic, acne, wounds, quells bleeding, chapped skin, burns (Aloe vera is also helpful).

Homeopathic Remedies- Select some of the most versatile remedies that suit your needs or invest in a kit (available at Amazon, Washington Homeopathic and other sellers).

  • Hylands Diarrex– stops diarrhea.
  • Boiron Oscilococcinum– onset of cold and flu treatment.
  • Arnica Montana– First aid, injuries, bruising, concussion, sprain, strain, muscle soreness, eye injury, nose bleeds.
  • Acontium Napellus– panic/ fear/ shock, sudden onset illness, illness after exposure to cold, first aid for the eye.
  • Apis mellifica– bee stings, bug bites, anaphylaxis, hives, stinging pains + redness+ swelling, cystitis.
  • Arsenicum Album– Food Poisoning, nausea and Vomiting, Diarrhea, stomach pain, anxiety, restlessness, coughs, colds and allergies with runny nose.
  • Belladonna– High fever, tonsillitis, strep, severe throbbing headaches, sunstroke, ear infection, sinusitis.
  • Bryonia–  Pain, sprain, injury, cough, flu, arthritis, toothache, headache, ailments  that are worse from movement and better resting.
  • Chamomilla– Teething, tooth ache, abdominal colic, ear infection.
  • Gelsemium– Influenza, performance anxiety, anticipation.
  • Hepar sulph– Barking coughs, swollen glands, earaches, toothache, infections that produce pus / mucus and are very painful (sinusitis, skin infection, sore throat).
  • Hypericum– Nerve pain, dental pain, spinal injury, injury to nerve rich area, crushed fingers and toes.
  • Ledum– Insect bites, tick bites, punctures, tetanus, poison ivy, give before or after vaccine.
  • Mercurius– Tonsillitis, sore throat, swollen glands, mouth ulcers, earaches.
  • Natrum Muriaticum– cold sores, hay fever, colds, grief, melancholy, low backache.
  • Nux vomica– Hangovers, heartburn, Indigestion, constipation, hemorrhoids,  irritability, anger, PMS, nausea & vomiting, insomnia, abdominal cramps.
  • Pulsatilla– Colds, coughs, pink eye, weepy, clingy, emotional behavior, indigestion from rich fatty food.
  • Rhus tox– Sprains, strains, stiffness and pain, herpetic eruptions, blistering skin rashes, poison ivy, restless legs, influenza.
  • Ruta Graveolens– Sprains, strains, stiffness, eyes strain, bursitis, tendonitis, bone bruises, relieve pain from braces adjustment.

Disclaimer- Information is for educational purposes only. Readers are responsible for their use of information provided. Do research, seek medical advice and decide what supports are right for you.

Natural Relief for Insomnia


Natural Relief for Insomnia
Everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time. Below are some lifestyle suggestions and natural supplements to enhance sleep.

  • Don’t use electronics before bed or use a blue light screen filter or specialized glasses. Keep light level in house low at night.
  • Develop a nighttime sleep ritual that you do each evening.
  • Keep bedroom cool and use black-out shades.
  • Keep wi-fi emitting electronics out of the bedroom.
  • Don’t use caffeine past 2pm.
  • Exercise regularly but, not late in the day.
  • Don’t work or watch TV in bed.
  • Drink most of your liquid before evening to prevent the need to wake at night to urinate.
  • Eating sugar, chocolate or drinking alcohol in the evening can cause insomnia.
  • Eat early in the evening so your meal is digested before retiring for bed.
  • Try a few almonds, celery, walnuts, cherries, 1/2 banana, turkey or 1/2 c milk before bed.
  • 1/2c Tart Cherry Juice stimulates melatonin production.
  • Essential Oils- Lavender Oil- Put 4 drops in palm, inhale 4 times, rub the oil on to the arches of your feet. Other sleep enhancing oils include Vetiver, Chamomile and Wild Cedarwood.
  • Take a warm bath or try and lavender epsom salts bath. Mix 4 drops lavender essential oil in 1-2 c epsom salts then mix into warm bath water.
  • Supplement possibilities to research to see if they are right for you- Herbs etc Deep Sleep, Rescue Sleep (a Bach Flower Remedy), Passionflower, Valarian or Magnesium. For occasional use- Melatonin.
  • Herbal Tea- Chamomile, Yogi Bed Time or Sleepy Time Tea- use small amount of water to prevent urinary urgency.
    Meditation- To fall asleep listen to the inhale and exhale of your breath. If you start thinking redirect back to your breath each time you catch yourself thinking.

Homeopathy for Insomnia
Below are homeopathic remedies that are known to help with insomnia. If the first remedy you try doesn’t help try the remedy that is the next closest match. For long standing insomnia a homeopathic consultation would be beneficial to select a constitutional remedy based on your entire symptom picture.

The homeopathic remedy Aconite can be used after a frightening experience such as a car accident, a shocking experience or trauma. The person needing this is in an anxious state. There may even be a feeling of panic which may include palpitations, perspiration and a rapid pulse. They are often restless and tendency to be thirsty for cold drinks.
A person needing homeopathic Arsenicum Album is anxious and restless. If health or financial worries are at the root of your insomnia try arsenicum album. There is a tendency to have trouble sleeping between 12 and 2 a.m.. They feel chilly, have a strong need for company and may complain of burning pains.
 Chamomilla is a great remedy for a person who is unable to sleep from pain, it could be from teething, an earache or abdominal colic. Often a person needing this is irritable, demanding and even angry. A child needing Chamomile will want to be being held or rocked.
Someone needing Coffea has the feeling like they have drank too much coffee, they are wired and have a rush of thoughts. This is a remedy for being unable to sleep after excitement or joy like after a surprise or a birth of a child. A person needing this remedy is usually hypersensitive to pain and oversensitive to touch, noise and light. 3:00 a.m. is a time someone needing coffea may wake. If you drank coffee and can’t sleep try coffea and if that doesn’t help then try nux vomica.
Gelsemium is known to help insomnia from fright, including stage fright. Someone needing this may feel like they have brain fog and be tired.
Think of Ignatia for insomnia after the loss of a loved one or after a romantic break-up. A person needing ignatia may experience mood swings, sadness, crying, Physically the person may experience cramping or numbness or may have the feeling of a lump in the throat.
Nux vomica is often used in people who can’t sleep due to thoughts about work. A person needing this could be described as a work-a-holic, irritable or impatient. There is an oversensitivity to light, sound, noise and odors. A common time for them to wake up would be 3:00 a.m.. Nux can be used for insomnia due to any type of overindulgence, whether it be from over eating, using stimulants, coffee, drugs or alcohol.


Get to know Homeopathic Bryonia

A key symptom for bryonia is a person who feels worse for motion, even slight motion. This remedy can be used when this symptom is present for sprains, fractures, joint pain, tendonitis, cough and respiratory issues, migraines, headaches, appendicitis, low back pain and flu.

Other symptoms that may been seen in a person needing bryonia are-
– Irritability
– Thirsty for large quanities at a time
– Dryness such as dry mouth or any mucus membrane
– worse at 9PM
– Constipation
– Better from lying on the painful side

Bryonia is an acute remedy of Natrum Muriaticum and is complementary to Rhus Tox and Sulphur.

Swimmers Ear

On these hot days when the kids spend all day in the pool or ocean it is the perfect formula for swimmers ear. It is a good idea to keep Ear drying aid on hand to use after they get out of the pool (alcohol and glycerin in a dropper bottle from the drug store). Garlic- mullien ear oil is great to use if you suspect swimmers ear this is available at the natural pharmacy/ food store. Homeopathically pulsatilla, silicea or hepar sulpuris calcareum likely remedies to choose between that would address the issue.

Homeopathy for Hay fever

After a long winter, spring has finally sprung. Most look forward to this beautiful season but for some it heralds the arrival of seasonal allergies. No need to suffer with allergy symptoms or suppress the symptoms with medications, there are natural solutions.

To select the right homeopathic remedy you need to recognize the specific symptoms you or your loved one are experiencing and then identify which symptom is most troubling or what is most unusual about your specific symptoms.

Below is a list of likely remedy choices to quell seasonal allergies. Try one for a few days if you don’t find relief choose another, if the second remedy doesn’t relieve your symptoms you may need a less common remedy that is not on this list. If you are looking to lessen the bodies overall allergic response over the long term this can be done by working with a homeopathic practitioner.

A remedy can be used in a 6, 12 or 30c potency. One pellet can be taken 3 times a day for up to 2-3 days, stop dosing when there is symptom relief. Resume dosing if symptoms go away only to return. If you need to continually keep taking the remedy to achieve relief it is likely not the right remedy or you may need to seek constitutional homeopathic care.

Allium Cepa- Made from the red onion which is homeopathically prepared. Allium relieves symptoms that are as if you had cut an onion. Very runny nose which may leave the upper lip and nostrils raw and red. The nose can be very stuffed up even though there is discharge. There may be some sneezing. The eyes are watery with bland tears. The symptoms are better when outside and worse when inside. There may also be a headache which is relieved from going outside. The throat may be raw or hoarse or there could be a cough.

Euphrasia- The eye symptoms predominate. There are copious tears which burn and itch the eyes with a bland nasal discharge, this is the opposite of the allium cepa symptoms. The eyes blink frequently and are sensitive to sun light. There is sneezing and there may be asthmatic respiration or wheezing, headache in the forehead, postnasal discharge or tickling cough.

Sabadilla- The sneezing is the most prominent symptom, there are episodes of sneezing (such as 10x’s in a row). The thin nasal discharge can be excoriating to the nose and lip. The nose may be itchy or tickle. A person needing sabadilla may wheeze or feel asthmatic. The symptoms are worse when going outside. There maybe a craving for warm drinks.

Natrum Muriaticum- There is copious nasal discharge which may be thin or thick like raw egg white. There can be multiple sneezes which they often try to hold in. The eyes are watery. Allergy symptoms are worse in the wind or sun. Headaches are possible. There may be a history of cold sores, chapping or cracks in the lip.

Wyethia- Extreme itching of the palate (roof and back of the mouth), nose and throat are the worst symptoms. Itching the roof of the mouth with the tongue or the finger. Sticking finger in the ear to relieve itching. Burning and dry feeling in the throat with frequent clearing the throat.

Arundo- Intense itching of the inside of nose, the palate and in the ears The ears may also may burn. The nose will be runny and there can be excess saliva.

Lifestyle and supplemental support-

  • Some excellent supplement options for daily use- Quercetin plus Bromelain caps. Omega 3 fatty acid. Vitamin C. Freeze dried nettle capsules or dandelion nettle tea. The herb Butterbur in capsule form. If you have a health condition check to see if an herb or supplement is contraindicated for your condition.
  • Clean nasal passages with a neti pot using a saline solution (boil the water and cool if you have well water).
  • Experiment with avoiding gluten, dairy, sugar, meat and soy and other personal food triggers to see if this helps improve your symptoms.
  • Exercise indoors during dry and windy weather.
  • Avoid hanging clothes outside to dry.
  • Use an air filter or air conditioner, regularly clean the filter.
  • Some individuals find relief having a spoonful of raw local honey a day, this practice is best to begin before allergy season begins.


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Homeopathic Calendula Ointment soothes dry chapped skin and lips

If the cold weather and the warm heat of the house have left you with dry chapped lips and skin try some calendula ointment. The alcohol-free ointment is soothing to use on dry chaffed skin, diaper rash and eczema. Made from marigolds homeopathic calendula helps the body to heal faster, soothe pain, control bleeding and acts it acts as a natural antibiotic.

Calendula is also available in gel form which has an alcohol base.  It is great for burns, sunburn, cuts, abrasions and wounds. Avoid the gel for diaper rash or eczema as it can cause irritation or stinging feeling; stick with the ointment for those issues. The old saying about skin goes- if it is dry, wet it and if it is wet, dry can be thought of to guide about weather to choose the ointment which will keep dry things moist or the gel which will make wet things drier.

Natural Relief for Sore Throats

Whether you have an occasional sore throat or you tend to get sore throats all the time, homeopathy can provide quick relief. The remedy works by stimulating the body to heal itself, shortening the duration of the illness or even stop it in it’s tracks. For those whose throat is the weak spot where their illnesses tend to occur, constitutional homeopathic care can reduce or eliminate this tendency (as it did for me).

It is extremely helpful to notice the specific symptoms of your sore throat, what makes it better or worse? Experiment with drinking hot liquids, cold liquids, swallowing saliva, swallowing food, is there a time of day the symptoms are at there worst? What does the pain feel like; raw, burning, or like there is something stuck in the throat ? Are there any other symptoms beside sore throat? Are you hot or chilly? Is the pain only in the throat or does to radiate to other ares? Uncovering the symptoms is the key to finding the remedy that will act curatively.

The following homeopathic remedies are likely choices for acute sore throats. To take the remedy put one pellet under the tongue every 2-4 hours for 3-4 doses. The more severe the situation the more frequent the dosing. Stop dosing if there is improvement and begin again only if there is improvement and then a return of the old symptoms. If your sore throat does not improve seek medical attention.

Choose the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms that are present. Not all the listed symptoms of a remedy need to be present for it to be selected.

Aconite– For sore throats with a sudden onset often after exposure to cold and windy weather. Usually accompanied by a high fever although the individual feels chilly. The face may be red. The throat looks red and swollen. Individual is thirsty for cold drinks. Useful only during the first 24 hours of the sore throat when the above symptoms are present.

Apis– Red, shiny, swollen throat, uvula and possibly tonsils often right side of the throat. The pain feels stinging or burning. Pain is better for drinking cold drinks or food. Worse from sour or hot foods or swallowing solid food. It hurts whether swallowing or not. Throat feels dry.

Belladonna– Sore throat or tonsillitis comes on suddenly, often with a high fever. Throat and tonsils are very red, often the burning pain is worse on the right sided. Person is averse to even the slightest touch of the external throat. Irritability. Either extremely thirsty or no thirst at all. Oddly may crave lemonade.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum– Extremely painful sore throat. Sharp, sticking pains that feels like a splinter in the throat. Worse from cold air, food and drinks. Better from anything warm including warm drinks.

Lachesis– Used for pharyngitis or tonsillitis that starts or is worse on the left side of the throat. Tonsils dark red in color. Swallowing saliva or liquids makes the pain worse. Oddly swallowing food makes the pain better. There may be a feeling of a constriction or lump in the throat. A person needing lachesis may be sensitive to touch or clothing in the area of the neck. This person may be talkative and intense.

Lycopodium– Can be used for sore throats that starts or is worse on the right side. The pain is worse for cold drinks and better for warm drinks like tea. There may be a craving for sweets and warm drinks. Worse in the late afternoon or early evening.

Mercurius– The sore throat is raw or burning and very painful. The pain is worse at night. Swollen glands or tonsils may accompany the sore throat. The tongue may have a white coating and there may be ridges or scallops indented on the side of the tongue from the teeth. Possibly a metallic taste in the mouth. There is a tendency to drooling and sweating during sleep. The smell of the body or the breath is offensive. The person may hawk mucus from the throat. The person is comfortable only in a small and moderate temperature range, they often feel either too hot or too cold.

Phytollaca– The feeling there is a ball or lump in the throat accompanied with burning pain. The pain may extend to the ears. The person can’t tolerate hot food or drink and is better with cold beverages. Swollen glands in the neck. The throat is a deep red color.

Supplemental care
-Zinc lozenges such as Cold Eeze (Avoid cough lozenges with menthol, camphor and eucalyptus which can antidote homeopathics). If you like cough drops Ricola Mixed Berry with Vitamin C does not contain any anti doting ingredients.
-Saltwater Gargle three times daily (1 tsp salt in 8 oz water).
-Throat Coat tea- Traditional Medicinals, Slippery Elm or other throat tea (you may need to repeat the remedy after using the tea as it contains eucalyptus)
-Raw Honey (anti-viral/antibacterial)
-Vitamin C & D supplementation (Immune boosting)
-Echinacea tincture or Sambucus Syrup (immune boosting)

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Natural remedies for Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis or pink eye occurs when there is an inflammation in the protective lining of the eyelids and eyeball. The cause can be viral or bacterial which are highly contagious or may be allergic in nature. Symptoms include swelling, redness, itching, burning or stinging pain, light sensitivity, clear or purulent discharge. There are a number of homeopathic options to consider, select the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms.

Apis– Most notable symptoms are red, swollen eye lids. Eye feels hot and is relieved with cold applications. Pains are stinging and burning. Discharge is thin.

Pulsatilla– Thick yellow/ green bland discharge from the eye. On waking they eyelids may stick together. Children needing this are often whiny, weepy, clingy and very affectionate in nature. The conjunctivitis may be accompanied by a cold. They eyes may burn and itch, there is a desire to rub the eyes.

Euphrasia– Eyes are very watery with a burning discharge which may even irritate the skin below the eyes. Itchy, red eyes which may feel like there is sand in the eye. There may be a bland nasal discharge. The eyelids may be stuck together upon waking.

Belladona– Consider when the pink eye accompanies a high fever. The eyes are glassy, red, hot and sensitive to light. The eye pain is throbbing and there may be also be a throbbing headache. The belladonna pink eye tends to be on the right side. The eye feels dry. Face is red, hot and dry (no perspiration).

Other self care options-

Supplement with zinc (lozenges or pill form) and Vitamin C to support immune function.

Sterile euphrasia eye drops are available for purchase at health food stores. This herb has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Salt water eye wipe- Dissolve 1/4 tsp salt in 1 cup water. Use a clean cotton ball for each eye swiping from the inside of the closed eyelid to the outside. Discard after each use. Repeat a total of 4 times a day with a fresh saline mixure and a clean cotton ball for each eye.

Wash hands regularly and after touching the eye when you have or are caring for someone with conjunctivitis.

Homeopathic First Aid

Accidents happen, when they do it is reassuring to know you can support the healing process with homeopathy. In some situations homeopathy will be all you need, for serious situations or when in doubt seek medical attention. Homeopathy can safely be used in conjunction with traditional medical care. In some first aid situations listed below there is one remedy listed, for others there are multiple options, in this situation pick the one that most closely matches the presenting symptoms. For acute situations 6c, 12c or 30C can be used. For acute situations the general rule of thumb is to take a dose every four hours for 3-5 doses, one pellet will suffice as a dose (or 3-5 if they are poppy seed size). Always stop dosing if you have taken a number of doses and see no improvement. In serious circumstances the remedy may need to be repeated more frequently depending on the intensity and severity of the injury. For example a person who has been injured in an accident may need a dose of arnica or aconite every few minutes immediately after the accident or a person who has a broken arm may need to repeat the remedy intermittently, such as weekly through-out the healing process.


Homeopathic Calendula Ointment can be applied topically to wounds once they have been cleaned. Use it on cuts, abrasions, road rash, lacerations, ulcers, burns. Calendula stimulates healing, soothes pain, helps prevent infection and slows bleeding. Calendula may also be taken in pellet form for serious wounds or pellet can be used to make calendula solutions. The calendula solution can then be applied to the wound. For large wounds vitamin C, zinc and beta- carotene can aid in healing. For infected wounds echinacea and goldenseal tincture taken internally stimulates the immune systems action. If tetanus is a concern, seek medical attention and take homeopathic Ledum.


Bites and Stings– apply ice, remove embedded stingers, clean wound.

-Homeopathic Ledum is the first remedy to think of for bites. Use it for insect bites such a spiders, mosquito, flea/ tick bites and bee stings.

-The area may feels cold or is better with cold. If the bite becomes infected there is hepar sulphuris calc or mercurius solubilis.

-Homeopathic Apis is indicated for bites and stings that are hot, red, and swollen. The pains are stinging or burning in nature. The bite site is made better with cold applications and worse for any warmth. Apis can be used after jellyfish stings, bee stings or any bite that matches the above indications.

In case of anaphylactic shock seek immediate medical attention or call 911, if there is no epi-pen available the remedies to try for this situation are apis or carbolic acid.
Bruising and Trauma
Apply ice immediately to the injured area.

-Arnica is the main remedy to think of for bruising. It can be used after accidents, falls, injuries, black eye, sprains and strains. Best take in pellet form as opposed to the arnica gel. The arnica gel is mainly for sore muscles and should never be used on open wounds.

-Ruta is the remedy to think of for injuries to the periosteum of the bone including bone bruising.

-Bryonia is the remedy to think of for bruised ribs.

-Hypericum for bruised tailbone or trauma to an area rich in nerves- fingers, toes, spine, genitals. For numbness, tingling, radiating and shooting pain.
Shock or fright

-Homeopathic aconite is used for emotional shock or frightening event such as an accident, catastrophe or terror attack. The person looks panicked and may have a rapid pulse or palpitations. If illness such as fever, flu or urinary tract infection occurs suddenly after a shock or frightening event, try aconite first.

-Homeopathic arnica pellets are used after a physical trauma. Arnica can be used after an accident and alternated with aconite if the person seems scared.

-For shock after a blood loss (once emergency treatment is sought ) the remedy possibilities include china, carbo veg or arnica.
-Topically apply homeopathic Calendula ointment or traditional aloe vera gel.

-Homeopathic urtica urens can be used for burns and scalds that are stinging, burning and itching. A good remedy for 1st degree burns.

-Cantharis can be used for burns with blistering that have intense burning pain. A good remedy for second degree burns with blistering.


Crush injuries, Lacerations, Puncture wounds

-Homeopathic Hypericum is used for any injury to nerves or nerve rich areas such as the fingers, toes, lips, coccyx or spine. It can be used when there are shooting pains, numbness or tingling. Think of this if you smash your finger or toe or have a laceration.

-Homeopathic Ledum is for puncture wounds. Also for any injury that is cold to the touch or a injury that feels better with cold applications.
Homeopathic Phosphorous can be used to stop excessive bleeding from a wound or nosebleed. Seek medical attention for bleeding that won’t stop or bleeding that is profuse.
Head Injury
Seek medical attention to check for concussion, warning signs include disorientation,confusion, dullness, dilated or uneven pupils, loss of consciousness, continued headache, nausea or vomiting. Arnica is the first remedy to use after concussion, the remedy can be given every 30 minutes up to 5 doses if necessary. For symptoms that linger after concussion such as headaches, personality changes, depression, nerve pain, convulsions or mental disability- seek professional homeopathic care.

Homeopathic Silica can be used to expel foreign objects such as splinters, gravel, glass or shrapnel. Because of its power of expelling foreign bodies do not use in people with artificial body parts for example- knee/ hip implants, artificial heart valves, breast implants, plates, screws, pacemakers, piercings (ok with earrings) or other implanted objects. This remedy works slowly so you may have to take initial doses as described above then take an intermittent dose weekly.

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